Blogging for a Purpose & Promoting

MLM SEO You want to blog for purpose unless you’re just writing random post about your life and just trying to introduce yourself to the world. Inside of the business world you want to create and find keywords for your website and give yourself the ability to rank for those keywords inside of your niche.

Let’s take an Example for minute…

You’ll say that you created a blog post about how to do a perfect push and embed a video. Now if you know nothing about Detroit SEO, you’re going have a hard time with ranking that video or blog post.

  1. You don’t have the knowledge to actually rank the content
  2. Your blog or video channel hasn’t built any channel authority when it comes to ranking online for keyword fitness industry phrases.
  3. Blogging you must find a way to break through in your industry…

Let Chat about Promoting your website for the sole purpose of getting more exposure through networking on social media.

Networking sucks and isn’t one of favorites things to do online.

Building a network of bloggers in your niche inside of Facebook

One of the easiest ways to network is through the graph search and some of the people just won’t network with you. That’s fine move on and deletes them from your friends list!

No reason to waste space and think I delete every few months to keep everything clean and some people only talk to you once in a great while, DELETE.

Finding people that care about your blog posts and now this can be tricky since a lot of people don’t care too much about SEO, besides SEO’s right.

Now let’s find some people that would be a good fit for MLM SEO or just plain seo and generating links back to your website or just having them share your content across social media.

4 Tips find Influencers in your space

  • Use the Graph search
  • Search for influencers in your niche
  • Locate them inside of Facebook

Opera-22-Mountains-by-Jakub-Połomski_1401956180While some of these influencers might not reach out back to you. You’ll want to message at least 5-20 per day for the best results and trying building relationships with them first or just go over to their blog and ask them if they can read your blog.

Ask them for some insight about your blog post and not just directly ask them for a back link. After you’ve done all that, you’ll want to ask them is there any way that they’ll be able to share your content with their community for generating the best results.

Just remember in business networking and building relationships is just part of business that you’ll consistently need to do with people. No matter if that’s email marketing, YouTube, blog posts or however you decide to build that relationship with people with looking to only sell something.


How to Use Fiverr for Guest Post opportunities

How to Use Fiverr for Guest Post opportunities

Well most of us don’t like to search all day for guesting posting opportunities for getting more links back to your website. For one it could take a while before you even submit one of your blog posts and someone actually takes your idea and run with it.

So, recently was searching on some ideas for my website and trying to take the headache of trying to search all day for the perfect guest post. Search for terms like “SEO + guest post” and finally getting nowhere and even worse their website no have that much authority to even pass any juice within Google search engines for gaining exposure to your website.

Let’s get started by searching on Fiverr

Search in Fiverr

First of all this point, I figure you’ve taken the steps to finding ways to create guest post. Now you need to create a fiverr account for getting guest post on fiver exclusively and it how do some of my own guest post and this I highly recommend without doing any of the hard work through the searching process.

Paul Savola

Message the sender first

When your message the sender and using the sender will give you a list of their websites, if these are actual website. Some of the questions you might want to ask them concerning their services.

  • How much traffic are sites getting?
  • Are these real websites or PBN’s?
  • A PBN is an expired domain and its sole purpose is hiding the website and creating links on them.

After they message you back through check MOZ explorer and majestic to see if these sites have the metrics they say they advertise on their Fiverr Ad.

Write your Guest post

Write you guest post about your subject at hand even if that’s SEO and guest post helping to creating more links to your profile and that means social media profiles also. They’ll usually ask for about 500-1000 words per article with no image for $5 with one link per website.

Some of the guest posting services will give you options and a bigger spend budget. Well not really but $15 is a simple price to pay for everything that you need and generating organic traffic to your website through search engine optimization.

selecting guest post

Submit for $5   

Hopefully by this point you’ve already setup your account for taking transaction through debt, or the PayPal option. Next step is just going through the payment process and sending the document and upload it after you’ve submitted the payment process.

Other than that you’ll wait a period of time of 1-3 days or maybe 1-5 depending on the guest posting service and most of them do a wonderful job with 1 day delivery. Always make sure you know exactly what you’re getting that just being a good business owner.

Hopefully this helps you from generate more opportunities for getting better results from your guest posting. Guest posting shouldn’t be this overwhelming issue that takes more time than actually writing the article itself and this is the short cut.

When it comes to guest posting…




Best Detroit SEO

Becoming the best detroit SEo Expert that you can be means that you must put forward the work to become the best Detroit SEO as possible. This means never giving up on your dream and understand what is working inside of SEO.

Most people fail on the pure fact that most people dont know enough about SEO to push their websites up to the top to bring in the results that is required for their business online.

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How to add YouTube Subscribe button

Need to learn some of the basics with YouTube. This is your chance with learning some of the basic concepts of online within YouTube.

Check out the video about adding a YouTube Subscribe Link in your videos. Want someone to rank your website for you Paul Savola Internet Marketing will help you bring brand exposure to your business online for the best results to your online presence.

More Leads to your Business with Video SEO services

We are the best Video seo services agency that focuses on Video seo services  for small business that want to attract new customers through video marketing services. Our main goal is ranking your YouTube video inside of the search engines to gain the most marketing leads through video marketing SEO.

Paul Savola Internet marketing is about creating the best marketing experience for your business and giving you the best video seo services that we can provide for your business online. One of the first things we do for your business is setting up your YouTube Channel and create a video production video for your business, if you don’t have one already created for your business online.

Our next step for your marketing experience is ranking your video online for you get most leads from your business online. Video marketing is about attracting your ideal client to your business to create more sales to your business through video seo services.

We believe in making business partners and making sure we’re giving the best YouTube SEO services through our video marketing services. Check out our Web page for more information on the topic about the basics of YouTube SEO.

Check out the better version of the video on YouTube:

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How to rank videos fast

Do you want to know what it takes to rank videos fast inside of YouTube and getting exposure to your business online. When it comes to seo and every year there is something always new coming to the industry inside of search engine optimization.

This video will walk you through the process of How to rank YouTube Videos Fast 2016. In addition, this is a step by step process of getting more exposure to your business online.

Small Business Owners| Google Mobile Friendly Update May 2016

Google Mobile Friendly Update May 2016

Google this time is not playing about the mobile update for small business and if you look at your phone right now for your company. Does your phone version search show your website is currently mobile friendly and if you not you’re going to through some hard time with losing about 66% of all your traffic online?

Why you should update to Mobile search

Besides losing 66% of all the traffic to your website and Google knows more people are using their mobile phones than desktop of these days. Only time, I ever use my desktop is writing blogs or content that is mine within my own website.

People just use their mobile phones more than ever and mobile search is completely going take over the search engines. Some of the work on do online is on desktop and the day I can do everything on mobile phone for everything I will no longer be using the desktop version of the search engines.

People are consistently search for terms like: Plumbers, Doctors, Construction through my cell and how many people you think are doing the same for your solution. Social media is awesome way to get people to your offer and building a brand through social media.

Most people are making buying decisions through Google search and not a lot people buying from you because you look like you are not the authority.

Bottom-line is that mobile search is going take over the Google search engines through their rankings and currently have over 66% of the overall traffic through the search engines…

Benefits of mobile search

  • You will be ahead of your competition that is not going stay with the times
  • You will receive their leads when they don’t update their mobile search in May
  • You won’t drop ranking due to not updating mobile search
  • YouTube dated their mobile search last year
  • All the big companies have already updated their website to become mobile friendly

Check out the video down below on how to see if your website is mobile friendly.

We will update your Mobile search in 24 Hours

This update is going hurt every business owner that I have come across and this is only to get worse inside of the search engines. You either stay up to date with the times or you fall way behind when comes to the Google search.

The rollout begins in May 2016 and no one expected this update in the beginning of the year and personally I knew this was coming a while back. My own personal website has been Mobile friendly for a long time inside of the search engines.

Want to keep your traffic and your leads to your business online. You can either email me about your currently situation or don’t know if you are mobile friendly I will analyze your website in a few minutes and tell if your website is Mobile friendly or not.

Are you ready to take action on my Offer through the Google update or want more information on Price?

Let me ask you a few questions before you leave!

How much is each new client worth to you?

Do you want to lose your website rankings?

Do you want to beat your competition before they figure out mobile search killed all there leads?

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How to Improve your Search Results in Google

Today more and more people are trying to learn this one skill that can help attract new clients. This one strategy will bring you new clients to your traditional business. Understanding some of the basics of improving your search results in Google will benefit your business in the long run.

Search Engine optimization will generate more leads  and now you get to choose the clients that you want to work with.

Start Learning SEO for Your Business

Real Estate SEO Consultant Learning SEO is that one skill that no one can take away from you after you learn search engine optimization. A quote from real estate seo expert says “ From learning this one skill, I have changed my life in some many different.” Some of the ways are freedom, spending more time with family and friends.

Last be able to travel, when he desires…

From just learning this skill you will be able to produce results to your local business inside of your local area to become the best local business through the search results.

Understanding SEO Basics with On Page SEO

increase search results in Google On Page SEO is the easiest ways to learn seo with adding images, URL structure, videos, and keywords that you ae going on the page. Looking up your keywords before you ever get started and one of the first ways to generate a list of keywords through the Google Planner.

Adding a tons of images on the your page seems to be working and about 2000 words per page. I know that seems to be a lot, you can start with 500 if that seems like too much. Getting to that point is hard, if you know nothing about the subject that you are trying to rank for.

Things to think about

  1. Don’t write random post, focus on your industry…
  2. Don’t blog all the time
  3. You need to build an email list
  4. Learn to Advertise

You want to learn everything you can about Online marketing.

Improve Search Results by Adding Back links

Everything still is about back links and you need to learn how to create effective high authority back links to your money site. Off Page SEO is just a whole another beast and there are about 10 strategies to learn. Which would you choose from: Expired Domains, Haro Strategy, Networking, Citations, Networking, broken back links, Blogging links, tumblr links, social media links and blog commenting links.

There are different kinds of link that you could and you would have to weed through all the crap online to actually figure all this out. Focus on three kinds of Haro, Broken links and PBN’s/ Expired domains.

Maybe you just want to outsource your SEO Work that needs to be done…

Hiring  an SEO Consultant

Here are ten questions that you should ask your consultant before thinking about hiring an SEO Consultant for business.

  1. May I have a list of current and past clients?
  2. How will you improve my search engine rankings?
  3. Do you adhere to search engines’ webmaster guidelines?
  4. Can you guarantee my website will achieve a number-one ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo?
  5. Are you experienced at improving local search results?
  6. Will you share with me all changes you make to my site?
  7. How do you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?
  8. How will we communicate and how often?
  9. What are your fees and payment terms?
  10. What happens when we part ways?

If, they have no rankings ask them for their personal rankings for you know that, they can at least rank inside of their own local area. I wouldn’t hire anyone unless, they are have met your qualifications. Next is understanding the concepts that you need to create an online presence…

Promoting the visibility of a website is the province of SEO service providers. Businesses typically need to increase their site’s organic search result listings. SEO service providers help ensure the accessibility of a site with a particular search engine. These service providers make the chances better for the site to be found and ranked highly by the search engine. SEO services can be paid through one-time fees for smaller sites or monthly subscriptions for continuous SEO efforts and support. Take a look at this link for more info.

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Targeting Low Keywords for Small Business

As being a small business it’s a good idea to target low hanging fruit for inside of your niche and knowing the truth about SEO or just rankings your own pages

You launched a new campaign and added a lot of new keywords to your account that are very relevant to your product. However, a day later, you discover that the keyword is not generating any impressions and has the status – ‘low search volume.’

What does the status ‘low search volume’ mean?

This is a status given to a keyword in your AdWords account that doesn’t have enough search traffic on Google search. It means this keyword will remain inactive and won’t trigger your ad until search traffic for that keyword increases. If search queries for the keyword increase, it’ll become active and will start showing ads.

What are your options?

keyword-research-servicesIt is quite frustrating to have keywords that are relevant to your product marked as ‘low search volume’. Whatever happened to targeting long tail keywords? Anyway, we just have to find a way to work around it! Here are some options:

Leave the keyword as it is. When search queries for the keyword increase it’ll automatically start showing ads. This option makes sense if your keywords are for a product that is new and will pick up traffic. If you’re launching a new product or site, your brand terms won’t have traffic immediately but it will pick once people become aware of it.

Change match type. It is very common for long keyword phrases in exact and phrase match to be marked low search volume. This is because the probability for someone searching for a keyword with 5-6 words in a certain order is very low. In this case, change the match type to broad. If you use BMM (broad match modifier) then just put “+” in front of the most important words and not all because doing that will make it as good as phrase.

Find new keywords. Use the keyword tool in your AdWords account to find new keywords to target. Add keywords that already have traffic.

How to manage low volume keywords?

Back linksPause. If you have a large number of low search volume keywords, consider pausing the ones that are generic and have a low quality score. This will make your account manageable. Having a few low search volume keywords in your account doesn’t affect account performance. However, if you have a significant number of such keywords then it may affect the Quality Score of the campaign they are in and of course add unnecessary volume.

Relocate. Sometimes low search volume keywords are seasonal or related to an event/product that is yet to take place/launch. However, navigating through low search volume keywords every time you analyze account performance is not good use of your time and can be tedious. A good alternative is to house these keywords in a different campaign. Keep the same ad group names appended with ‘low search volume’ and move all low search volume keywords to a different campaign. It is much easier to analyze active keywords without the noise these keywords create. This will also help improve overall campaign quality score.

What can you do to increase traffic on low search volume branded keywords?

Create buzz. If you’re launching a new product or site, expect brand related keywords to be marked low search volume. This is because people can’t search for something they don’t know exists. In this case, it is a good idea to run display campaigns to create brand awareness. People become aware of your product/site and start searching. This will increase search traffic for your brand terms and low search volume keywords will become active. It won’t happen overnight but you will start seeing results in a month or so.

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